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The D-49 TubeMicrophone

The D-49 is true to the Famous Neumann M49 Tube Microphone

Design based on the AC701K tube And K47-K49-M7 Capsule. There is 2 Versions of PCB available, the Round Version wich is 60mm in Diameter and the Square Version wich is identical to the D-47FET in size (44mm * 48mm) The Square kit include the PSU PCB and the AMI T49 transformer Support PCB, the Round kit is also provided with the Psu PCB and the AMIT49 transformer. The transformer will be sitting in the bottom platform of the microphone body in the circular version.

The PCB kit Allows the construction of either b (filament bias) version or the c (self-Bias) Version of the microphone. The Choice is yours.

The D-49 Tube Microphone Square Version PCB Kit


The D-49 Tube Microphone Round Version PCB Kit

The D-49 Tube Microphone

The D-49 Tube Microphone Round Version

The 2469 Passive PSU For The D-49 Tube Microphone

Please Note : Styroflex Capacitor Kit , C1 1000pf, C6 560pf / 630V Not included in BOM is required Styroflex Capacitor Kit available in the order page

BOM Needed For this Project

PSU 2469 passive

M49 (B-C) Mic Parts

Schematic:  M49c

Schematic:  M49b

M49b Overall Connection and Silk Screen

M49c Overall Connection and Silk Screen

For Converting the 5840 Tube to a Triode in this application (Tie pin 5-7 Togheter) Do not use Pin 4 or Pin 8

Version: 1.2 (January 17, 2013)