D7 Custom Microphone Capsule

The D7 capsule is our recreation of the famous German M7 Capsule Style Capsule and it is Entirely made and assembled by hand in Quebec,Canada.


The D7 consist of a 6um Mylar 25mm gold Sputtered diaphragm.

The D7 Mount is 58mm in height and the pedestal is made from our special ultraLow Dielectric polymer Blend for Maximum High impedance isolation. Shorter 50mm D7 Mount is also Available for smaller headbasket build

D7 Capsule

M7 Capsule

D7 Mount

58mm Classic & 50mm Short Version

M7 Capsule

Capsule Restoration Services

-Capsule Restoration (K87-K67-K47-K49-M7) Capsule type