D-EF47 TubeMicrophone

     The vintage original U47 amplifier circuit for DiY, invented in 1947, was the first switchable pattern condenser microphone. It has become the most revered vocal tube microphone in history, The EF47 is an Authentic Vintage U47 Recreation designed in collaboration with the Legendary Oliver Archut, The Circuit Component Values have carefully been Tweaked to Permit the use of Vintage Telefunken EF800, EF802 & EF80 Vacuum Tube giving this Microphone an unprecedented Sweet Tone.The D-EF47 is compatible with K47 or M7 capsule Type condenser capsule This Kit Can be used with AMI BV08 Classic Series and Also the AMI T47 Transformers. True omni Pattern switching is accomplished by ultra low impedance reed relay installed in the microphone PCB and operated via the microphone PSU


D-EF47 Microphone Type Body Available Here



Aputis Mic Kit

D-EF47 Tube Microphone PCB Kit



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