D-269c Tube Microphone

      The M 269c is a large-diaphragm, multipattern tube condenser microphone. It is a variation of the Neumann U-67, developed as a way to sell the U-67 to the German broadcast market. The EF86 was swapped for an AC701 (aka AC701k) triode vacuum tube. The “Omni” and “Figure 8” positions on the pattern selection switch below the headbasket are replaced by a remote-control feature labelled ‘F’; both positions (which function identically) allow the mic’s pickup pattern to be controlled remotely via the switch on the power supply. This Kit include support PCB for AMI T67 Transformer or AMI BV12 Classic Series using the BV12 Classic Serie Adaptor available from the order page as an option. the Kit includes a Complete Mic PCB specially designed for the IOaudio Custom BV12 transformer. The Kit is also compatible with the new addition of Cinemag Microphone output transformer series the CM-5701 .Various BV12 Style Transformer can also be used with this kit as the transformer can be wired directly on the External Transformer PCB version included in this Kit.


D269 Microphone Type Body Available Here





D-269c Tube Microphone PCB kit

Passive PSU For D-269c

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